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Should you choose Hardwood Flooring?

Choosing hardwood floors shouldn’t have to be a hard decision. However, with the many myths that float around about this floor covering, we’re not surprised. While it may be a little harder to keep up with the maintenance, we think it’s certainly worth it in the long run, since wood floors will probably outlast any other flooring on the market.

The timeless, classic elegance of solid wood is second to none. With a wide variety of species, stain colors and finishes to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your décor and your lifestyle. What’s more, when the wear and tear of everyday life finally does start to take a toll, you can have the floor refinished. This will bring back the like new finish you had right after installation.

Two types of hardwood to choose from

The good news is, you really have two options when it comes to wood flooring. The first, of course, is solid wood. This is what most homeowners think of think of when this type of flooring is mentioned. It offers the longest lifespan, which makes it a great investment, especially if you're planning to resell your home at some point.

The other option you have with wood is engineered wood floors. Engineered wood has a veneer of real wood on the top, covered by a protective wear layer. It can even be refinished at least once over the course of its lifespan. This is a floor covering that can be placed just about anywhere, even in places where solid wood won’t work, such as the basement. It’s also great for the foyer, kitchen and other rooms as well.

Deciding which floor covering will work best for you all boils down to your lifestyle, and what you’re looking for in a floor. For some, solid wood floors will work best, while others will enjoy the benefits offered by the engineered flooring. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with either one of them.
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Choosing your hardwood flooring

Craig’s Flooring proudly services Ocean and Monmouth counties, and we’d be more than happy to assist you as well. We invite you to stop by our showroom, located in Cream Ridge, NJ, to speak to a flooring professional about your flooring needs. We can answer all your questions, and show you our full line of hardwood flooring.

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