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What to consider when choosing carpet

Carpet has a luxuriously soft underfoot feel and is one of the best floor coverings to choose if you have young children. It makes their floor time comfortable, safer and warmer than any other flooring. It’s also good for noise reduction throughout the home, another perk for those with small children.

However, these aren’t the only reasons to choose this particular material to cover your floors. There are far more benefits than there used to be, as manufacturing technology has come a long way over the years. Many of the things that might have previously made you go with a different flooring, are no longer even an issue.

At Craig’s Flooring, we know that you don’t take your flooring lightly, so we won’t either. With a showroom located in Cream Ridge, NJ, and we service Ocean and Monmouth counties, we would love to help you find the perfect flooring for your home as well. We invite you to stop by at your convenience to speak with a flooring professional about your specific needs. We can answer any questions that you have, and show you our full line of carpet.
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How carpet has changed

You no longer have to steer clear of carpet if you have allergies, pets or small children who might spill lots of things. In fact, this flooring might be the answer you’ve been looking for, across a wide variety of needs for your home. For starters, you can order your flooring with hypoallergenic fibers, so that any allergens that find their way into your home will never be an issue. Just make sure to mention this right up front, so that your flooring professional can find the perfect fiber for your needs.

Pets, as we all know, are prone to making mistakes from time to time. If this is something that might happen in your home, we can direct you to products that are specially treated to withstand those accidents, and make them easier than ever to clean up afterward. The same applies to any spills or messes that might occur, even with the smallest of children. Built-in stain protection might not keep all stains out of your floors, but it will sure help diminish them.

This is also the perfect choice of flooring materials for homes where elderly people live. Since falls sometimes happen, there nothing better than a comfortable, soft carpeted floor to catch them if they do.

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